There have been some rumors about something new and wicked brewing along the shores of the north. And right as winter strikes in late 2017, Iskald concludes their long awaited sequel to their 2014 release “Nedom og Nord”.

It’s been almost four years since they drew you into a realm of cold, atmospheric and highly acclaimed black metal with their fourth release on Indie Recordings.

Now they finally return to the battlefield with more fierce and power than ever before.

It’s time to harvest all your crops and embark towards the oncoming storm which unfolds with “Innhøstinga”.


Iskald continues their art of cold, intense, yet melodic black metal. At the same time their complexity and geniality in the songwriting shines on even more that before. A new producer was brought along to make the album sound the way they intended.


“Innhøstinga”(Norwegian for: the Harvest”) might be their most complex album to date, containing nine song divided into 50 minutes of playtime. The songs are diverse and different in their own way, while the lyrics binds them together as a whole.

This is their second Norwegian entitled album, in which half of the lyrics are based on their mother-tongue. “Lysene som Forsvant” might just be their most melancholy epos to date, telling the story about those they have lost on their way.


Drummer Aage Krekling comments:

“Finally we can raise our glasses, take a deep breath and conclude after another long but fun project. We are extremely satisfied with the final result and look upon this with great pride.

“Nedom og Nord” was of course another milestone in our career, but that simply feels like a long time ago now.

Here we are, in a way exceeded ourselves. Not necessary because we planned it to turn out this way, simply by listening to the final product. The steps we’ve taken musically are huge and we’re having a blast doing it”


After working with 210 Studios for three records, Iskald decides to try out a different producer this time around. After they recorded/tracked the album in Bodø during the summer of 2017, it was brought to Jack D Recordings in USA for mixing and mastering.

In order to find the perfect sound they decided to look away from previous works and build up the sound from scratch. They used their new material as a reference in order to get the best out of the songs and to bring forth all new elements and details that these songs provides. This would conclude in the heaviest and most mature sounding Iskald album to date.


Drummer Aage Krekling comments:

“First of all it was an honor to paint these nine songs with words. This is actually the first Iskald record where I’ve written all the lyrics for myself. Working with Simon, listening to all his ideas and the genuinity in the music have been one hell of an exciting ride as alway.

Our way of creating music keeps on surprising me. Hammering these song at our rehearsal space is the hardest, but most fun till this day. We wouldn't do this if we didn’t like the direction it had taken us. Therefore I’m so excited to show the world what we have been working on this last couple of years.

I think that every track offers something unique and different. I like to see the album as a whole journey, but expect pure black and roll with “The Atrocious Horror”, complex trash with “Innhøstinga” or melancholy with “Lysene som Forsvant”. This is just something of what you’ll discover along the way. There should be something for everyone.

We managed to define our “new” sound early on, and with the help of Jack D Recordings, I believe we have crafted out some really fresh and awesome sounding black metal that should appeal to every fan of the genre.


Iskald is aiming for the top with the release of their new masterpiece. They have no doubt grown a lot throughout their career and returns in 2018 with their possible best album to date.


“Innhøstinga have begun”.

Short biography:

Founding members Simon Larsen and Aage Krekling started up Iskald in early 2005 in Sortland. After their first demo, the ”Northern Twilight” EP was released some months later. It was limited to 400 ex and is now completely sold out. In late 2006 both Simon and Aage moved to Bodø and continued the band activities from there. A temporarily new live line-up was requited and material for their upcoming debut was written.


In march 2007 their debut ”Shades of Misery” was the first album to be released on Indie Recordings ever, resulting in a huge feedback and interest from all over the world. This lead to several live-shows the next months, in which reached its peak with the Inferno Festival 2008.


A couple of months later they traveled to Berlin to record their second full-length album "Revelations of Reckoning Day". This marked a start of a new era in many ways. The album became a success and lead to the first European tour and the legendary show at Hovefestivalen. From that day Ben Hansen – Guitars and Kenneth Henriksen – Bass joined in to complete the live line-up. After several concerts and tours, Kenneth decided to leave the horde in late 2014. Was later replaced by Simon’s brother, Isak Larsen on bass.


But in between tours and live shows they composed the next album, “The Sun I Carried Alone”. It was recorded in the autumn of 2010 in Oslo and Bodø, and was later released in February 2011. This was their third release with Indie Recordings and it led to signing a new contract with them. The album turned out as another milestone and highlights included a Norwegian tour, a 22 days European tour and playing the main stage at Inferno Festival, early 2013.


After that they focused on writing new songs. This eventually resulted in “Nedom og Nord”, which was released in march 2014. This was their third album mixed/mastered by 210 Studios and their fourth release on Indie Recordings. Finally their first LP release was printed as well. A three week european tour with Kampfar and Hate was done in April that same year.  

The response was yet again massive and new important steps were made.


Then there would a little break for that “life” that happened. But during this time new material was on the rise, and after weeks and months with intense work they entered their own studio in Bodø July 2017, to record “Innhøstinga”. And this is what followed...


Aage Krekling  - Drums

Simon Larsen  - Guitars, vocals

Ben Hansen  - Live guitars